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The Rodgers Promise

"Here at Rodgers, every detail counts. We understand that building the perfect organ requires mastership on many levels and we do not stop there. 
Rodgers Instruments has a vast inventory of parts available for our organs and we provide support for every model that Rodgers has designed, starting with our premier design in 1958.
   The members of the Rodgers’ Technical Services Department have a total of 142 years of collective experience in the pipe organ industry. Our team includes organ technicians, hardware engineers, software engineers, sound engineers, web technicians, and electronic assembly experts. 

We are supported by the best organ service staff available to the digital pipe organ industry, the Rodgers-certified field technicians’ network; and these technicians have access to parts for organs manufactured by Rodgers.

   Our Rodgers' manufacturing team is meticulous about every detail and devote 100 percent of themselves, and their passion for building quality organs.
   We are inspired to create art; and our passion for music, innovation, and our uncompromising standards of quality are all at the core of Rodgers Instruments."

- Rodgers Instruments 


Infinity Series Organs

The pinacle of realism and flexibility. Rodgers Infinity Series faithfully delivers the expressive and dynamic sound of the traditional pipe organ with realism unmatched by any other digital organ available. Ideal for even the largest venues, Infinity Series organs are available in 3 and 4 manuals with up to 84 engraved stops and select sounds from up to 179 different Voice Palette™ alternative voices. Premium console features, at no additional cost, include an adjustable storage bench, a 4-way adjustable music desk, Bluetooth® technology and a USB power port.


Inspire Series Organs

The Rodgers Inspire Series 227, 233, and 343 organs were born from our belief in the power of inspiration. they combine the best in American tradition and the American future: a traditional pipe organ sound meets modern innovation for a spiritual experience like no other.


Artist Series Organs

Beautiful tone to inspire and uplift. Rodgers Artist Series offers rich tonal color with user-friendly flexibiliy, exceptional pipe organ sound, and exquisite craftsmanship with a variety of hardwood veneers. The perfect choice for a perfectionist performer, Artist Series organs are available in 2 and 3 manuals with up to 39 engraved stops and select sounds from up to 117 different Voice Palette™  alternate voices.

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