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Powerful, expressive, and uplifting

Artist Series

"Rich pipe organ sound meets tonal flexibility"

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Rich pipe organ sound meets tonal flexibility. Rodgers Artist Series is designed to elevate the experience of any audience and meet the virtuosic demands of world-class organists. Thanks to ample power and user-friendly flexibility, Artist Series organs are a perfect choice for everything from leading congregational singing to accompanying symphony orchestras. And with Rodgers’ quality construction, your Artist Series organ will serve faithfully for years to come. 

Rodgers Artist Series organs are the culmination of decades of innovation. At the heart of the Artist Series’ realistic pipe organ sound lays our unique high-resolution sampling process. Up to 8 microphones are used to capture the most detailed and nuanced pipe sounds possible. Unmatched tonal flexibility is provided by Rodgers’ patented Voice PaletteTM system. Then Pipe Dimensional ImagingTM recreates tone placement from the height, width and depth of the pipe chest — masterfully completing the authentic pipe organ sound experience.

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